pneumatic compression

NormaTec Pneumatic Compression

Our pneumatic compression systems are all supplied by NormaTec® who is a global leader in rapid recovery. Their systems use patented PULSE technology to help you recover/rehab faster after training or injury. Promoting healing at a cellular level, these NormaTec® compression garments are used by some of the worlds top athletes.

cold compression

Power Play Cold Compression

We use cold compression garments from PowerPlay (an internationally recognised leader in the field of joint pain relief and muscle recovery), to aid your post operative rehabilitation, amongst other things. These systems help improve cirulation, reduce swelling and provide acute/soft-tissue phase injury treatment. As they are lightweight and completely portable, they also allow for convenient rental options, which means you can recover in the comfort of your own home if you’d prefer.



Conforming to the contours of your muscles and joints - Enerskin is the only patented silicone taping system infused onto high-performance sposrts compression.
Enerskin fits your muscles like a second skin supporting your ligaments and optimising blood flow; all of which engances your performance while stabilising your muyscles to prevent unwanted injuries.